Baroque gardens

character was gradually abandoned and replaced by the baroque style. In became necesary to furnish the auditorium (for 250 spectators) with a specific seating that would be easy to store in the minimal space under the staircase, so that the green character of the pit would be preserved.Facing the task, a massive research of all the possibilities was carried out, and then a construction from a duralumin plate- metal covered with a special plastic chosen. Here, the idea of a one-leg chair was born – a chair that is easy and quick to fix into a construction placed under the lawn.
In the last few years, the author has been working on the theatre and concert hall armchairs - namely for the historical, but also for the contemporary buildings. These are predominantly tip-up seats, but also chairs for the boxes and the lobby in the corresponding style. The solution of the multifunctional auditorium in Ledeburg Garden under the Prague Castle was an extraordinary visual and technical task. Considering the position, it was also an immensely serious social task. During the reconstruction of the gardens, following their devastation by the Swedes in the Thirty Years War, the gardens’ prevailing austere Italian Renaissance

In the pictures of the models (1:5), you can see a series of different version as to shape – these already brought the possibility to turn the seats (180 degrees). Then, you can see the chosen version in orthogonal views, and to verify the effect, also a larger group.

In the pictures, exhaustion tests are shown. The whole task was accomplished by the Aviation Institute for Research and Testing in Prague. This fully equipped firm also happens to be the authorised state testing institute and took a really adequate care.